Upload – Beta


Will my video be approved?

While we do our best to approve most videos we do have specific guidelines which will help your video be approved.

I’ve uploaded a video, when will it appear on the site?

Video approval takes 1-2 business days

How do I add multiple performers?

At this time only one performer can be added. Any additional information can be added to the description.

Is there a minimum video length?

The video should go for at least 1 minute. Videos under 1 minute will not be accepted

Is there a maximum video length?

While we don’t have a fixed length our FFMPEG converter will reduce the video size to under 100MB. If the quality of the video is poor after it has been converted the video will not be accepted. We have future plans to remove this limitation. If you submit a video that cannot be converted to under 100MB you will receive an email saying so and once the limitation has been removed your video will be added.

Is there a maximum video size?

The maximum size the upload form will accept is 500MB.

Any other questions you’re not sure about?

Contact us on our support page https://gayforfans.com/contact-us/